Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nora Kasten, Question on Painting Supports

I have a question for all the oil painters out there.
What is your favorite canvas, board, paper etc. that you prefer to use for your paintings . .  . and why?

I prefer oil primed linen most of the time because the oil paint doesn't sink in like it does with acrylic primed canvas.  I like the way the paint strokes sit on top and hold their shape.

My last painting, (8"x8"xl") was painted on textured gallery wrapped canvas I'm experimenting with but it's not really to my liking.  
What are you artists out there using?  Nora Kasten

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  1. Hi Nora,
    I use acrylic primed canvas since the other one you mentioned is not available here.I do an underpainting with thick acylic and then do it again with oil. The paint doesnt sink. It is double work though!