Thursday, June 3, 2010

Acrylic on Yupo

Has anyone ever varnished it? I planned to affix it to a canvas and varnish over all. Will it be stable enough, you think?


  1. I've worked with Yupo quite a bit but am wondering why you would want to affix it to canvas. As far as varnishing, if you used acrylics, there really is no need to varnish. If you used watercolor, the varnish would probably damage the painting. Yupo paintings look great matted and framed under glass for for protection, rather than risk damage by varnishing.

  2. I would consider affixing to a larger gallery canvas to avoid the need for framing with glass. Paint a border color on the canvas front and sides. Since yupo is plastic, heavy gel medium should work. I would probably do a varnish over all to make a consistent finish over the entire piece to get that final tight seal, since it's basically a big collage piece. Robert Burridge has collaged paintings on paper to canvas, leaving a nice black border.