Friday, June 3, 2011


Recently I had some problems on FAA with my images. My artworks (as you may know) are very colorful and it represents a problem for my Olympus E-3 camera. It wasn't sharp enough. I needed to use more light and more light means more troubles with glares.
I collected some useful tips over the net on how to shoot artwork:

Matt Greer tip
Mark&Cathy tip
Lighting tips on forum
photo net light recommendations

I still didn't quite solve the problem. My friend photographer with much more equipment and experience then I, jumped in and shoot two of my artworks that had a waiting customer, with his Canon 5D mark II camera and with a setting with two flash units, and that worked fine. But I need to find a more permanent solution for other artworks. I will try with different lighting (I already use outdoor/ not direct sunlight), before I seriously decide to sell all my oly cameras and lenses.

Any suggestions?

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