Thursday, June 3, 2010

Canvas, Wood etc

This is a wonderful idea Kimberly , thank you for starting this - I've enjoyed reading the posts on what everyone paints on.

Does anyone use Raymar Canvas Boards - any opinions on that?

I paint a lot of my smaller paintings on Ampersand Gessoed Boards too - I like that they do seem to dry quickly. I paint with Oils and a palette knife.

But this past few weeks, I'm noticing that my paintings aren't drying as fast as they were when I was in Dallas. It has been raining off and on here for a week, but I leave the A/C on, even so I suppose the humidity is a factor.

I do add faster drying mediums to my oil - but I'll ask all of you who paint with oil - do you use mediums to speed drying and what do you use?

Thanks, Judy

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  1. Judy, Jim at Asel art in Richardon, turned me onto Oil IMPASTO, but it doesn't work well if you use too much you end up with all fluff and no paint. I also tried another product but could nothing about it drying sooner. The Oil impasto works wonders but it is like using clear whipped cream in a way...