Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Selling art online..

Just wondering if anyone might have some info.  on inquiries I have received regarding purchasing art work on line.  What puzzles me is that they ask to use their own shipping companies...paying by check or money order.  It sounds like a scam.... I just can't figure out how it works... any info?  Elizabeth Chapman


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    YES! It can be a scam. We all have to be careful. My husband is the general manager of auto dealerships and he says that it is unfortunately quite easy to pass on fraudulent checks and money orders today. He advises me to use PayPal only unless I know the person personally. So, If someone wants to set up their payment and shipping methods, I simply state that I take PayPal only and I choose the shipping method as well. That's what I do!
    LOVE you new posted work!

  2. Thanks for that info. I've been wondering how someone sending a check could be scam. Wouldn't you take it to the bank before sending the purchased item? Would the banks be able to know if it's a fraudulent check?